January 31, 2000
LB 1131 would allow water and sewer districts to extend beyond corporate limits

LB 1131 amends Section 19-2402, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, to allow cities of the first class, cities of the second class, and villages to extend water and sewer districts two miles beyond the corporate limits of the municipality. Such districts are presently limited to one mile beyond the city limits.

The creation of districts allows the cost of the water and sewer extensions to be paid by special assessments over time.

Cities of the first class are permitted to develop and implement comprehensive planning and zoning regulations up to two miles beyond the corporate limits for orderly growth.

Water and sewer extension districts are one of the tools used to implement the comprehensive plans. LB 1131 allows cities of the first class to create districts throughout their planning jurisdiction.

The bill, introducted by Gene Tyson of Norfolk, had its public hearing on January 25 and at this date remains in the Urban Affairs Committee.

Click here for pdf file of the bill

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