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November 6, 2002
Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The Nebraska Section of the AWWA is dedicated to promoting quality drinking water in sufficient quantity for all Nebraskans. The Nebraska Section membership is a leader in the drinking water industry through efforts in education, public awareness and other activities.


  1. Nebraska Section AWWA promotes activities to retain current members and recruit new members.
    • New membership growth of 2 percent per year
    • Develop research regarding barriers to small system/ operators membership.
    • Develop two new activities focused on membership involvement (e.g., golf outings).
    • Update and implement the Nebraska AWWA membership development plan.
  2. Nebraska Section AWWA promotes opportunities for participation and career development for young industry members.
    • Review committee organization.
    • Create and implement a development plan.
  3. Nebraska Section AWWA promotes knowledge and awareness of opportunities within the water industry.
    • Review target student base.
    • Review committee organization.
    • Develop plan for approaching technical schools, community colleges and high schools.
    • Continue and expand student activities at universities.
  4. Provide small system support through a continuous outreach program.
    • Effectively communicate the benefits of AWWA membership to a small system by using committee members to contact 10 percent of small systems.
    • Expand the mentoring program to include retired members.
    • Increase by 5 percent the number of hits to the mentoring page. Publish one annually in Wise Water Words and The Water Spout about the mentoring information.
    • Expand the AWWA teleconference accessibility for small systems by increasing the number of downlink sites for applicable topics.
    • Partner with Training Coalition members to add 10 new publications to the NSAWWA library annually.
    • Assist 10 small systems in the application process for water operators reimbursements annually.
    • Ensure that five on-site visitations for the mentoring program occur per year.
  5. Increase Nebraska Section AWWA impact on legislative, regulatory and policy issues at all levels of government.
    • Serve as a legislative/regulatory resource to section membership and others.
    • Provide effective and timely information on pending regulatory issues.
    • Build coalitions with other organizations at regional state and section levels.
  6. Promote confidence and understanding to the public about public water supply systems.
    • Provide public service announcements and news releases to the membership.
    • Provide educational information at special events.
    • Promote the Nebraska Section AWWA and public water supply systems statewide through various media.
  7. Provide a continuing education training program and assist Nebraska public water systems to improve all facets of public water system operations.
    • Make Conference technical sessions available through different media
    • Increase system assistance in Capacity Development by 5 percent each year
    • Investigate and implement new training opportunities one per year
    • Continue partnership in training coalition with League of Nebraska Municipalities, Nebraska Rural Water Association, NETC and Nebraska Health and Human Services.

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