Nebraska Section AWWA General Membership Business Meeting Minutes

The Nebraska Section American Water Works Association (NSAWWA) held the General Membership meeting at 1:30 pm on November 8, 2005 at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center in Kearney Nebraska.

Chuck Thomerson motioned to approve the November 4, 2004 General Membership meeting minutes; second by Mike Wentink and approved by all. (November 4, 2004 minutes attached)


Kevin Tobin presented an overview of the budget figures and statements of financial position provided through audit. A formal third party audit is conducted every three years.

The NSAWWA 2005 budget figures (November 5, 2005) indicates an anticipated positive net income for 2005.

Tony Bilek motioned to approve the Treasurer's report; second by Larry Andreasen and approved by all.


Joel Christensen presented the Director's report. Highlights include the Association willing to provide the Sections with Directors and Officers insurance for at least one more year, Joel's participation in candidate selection for Association Vice-President and Director-at-Large, and Director Governance of the Association.


Audit report provided in Treasurer's report.


Steve Kelley reports that six individuals will be presented the WISA at the banquet and three lifetime memberships also will be presented.


The budget was provided in Treasurer's report by Kevin Tobin. John Olsson was recognized for the success of the Golf outing in May of 2005 and wishes the same success for the anticipated 2006 outing.

It was suggested that committees focus on using their budgeted funds for their identified activities.

Discussion took place on the amount of reserve to carry. Reserves are necessary for contingencies such as a canceled conference. Janice Skadsen, representing the Association, stated that 50 percent of the normal operating budget is recommended for reserve.


Rich Koenig stated that additional cross-connection seminars might be conducted in 2006. Currently, the Section provides four seminars every year.


Mike Wentink reported that the Fall training seminars are progressing with topics including pipe tapping and 2- and 10-year planning.

No numbers are available on attendance at the video teleconference November 3, 2005.

Bruce Dvorak and Mike Wentink have scheduled an afternoon training session on arsenic and uranium to be held in Fremont, December 1, 2005.

Pre-conference attendance on November 7, 2005 totaled 58 people. Net income will be a positive value; total proceeds not available yet.

A pipe design seminar is being developed as a partnership between NSAWWA, APWA, the Lincoln Water system and M.U.D. Anticipated date of this seminar is sometime in the first quarter of 2006.


Tony Bilek reported that the Fall Conference looks successful. Attendance figures are not available yet. A joint Fall Conference planning meeting will likely be held during this conference.


A Fuller Award will be presented at the Banquet.


Tony Bilek reports good vendor participation at this year's conference. Exhibit hall was sold out for the fourth consecutive year, with 53 booths. There are 52 vendors registered; had to turn away five vendors due to lack of space. Receipts from vendor contracts are $23,850.00, rental fees are $1,722.50, and three non-exhibitor sponsor contributions are $100 each. Total net proceeds from vendor/exhibitors are $22,427.50. A "Best of Show" award will be presented to the appropriate vendor.


Larry Andreasen reported for Rich Robinson that the Membership Committee will continue to focus on completing activities outlined in the strategic plan. Nebraska received an award at the Annual AWWA Conference in San Francisco for the number one AWWA Section in membership retention. Current membership is 346 compared to 335 last year.


Larry Andreasen read the 2006 Officer nominations. No nominations were received from the floor. Lynn Wegehaupt moved that nominations be closed. Nominations were approved by acclamation. Officers for 2006 are:

  • Chair -- Tony Bilek, Mc2 Inc.
  • Trustee and Past Chair -- Larry Andreasen, City of Fremont
  • Director -- Joel Christensen, Metropolitan Utilities District
  • Chair-Elect -- Mike Wentink, Nebraska Health & Human Services
  • Vice-Chair -- Kevin Tobin, Metropolitan Utilities District
  • Treasurer -- John Olsson, Olsson Associates
  • Secretary -- Bruce Dvorak, UNL Civil Engineering
  • Trustee -- Chuck Thomerson, City of Columbus
  • Trustee -- Teresa Kub, HDR Engineering, Inc.


Kristine Ranslem presented a report on KHGI-KWNB TV spots that ran "It's Our Water," the Section's partnership effort in providing public education on the importance of water as a resource. It was decided to discontinue with this project due to limited benefits from NTV.

NSAWWA will promote Safe Drinking Water Week as in past years and encourage local communities/water utilities to educate consumers about the drinking water resources, where at times and in some locations may be limited, that should not be taken for granted in Nebraska.


No report.


No report.


Rob Pierce reports the Safety Committee conducted four safety seminars in 2005, with total attendance of 86. The seminars covered work zone safety-traffic control. The committee will present two safety awards, and is working on the development of safety awards so systems serving less than 10,000 in population can be recognized. It is anticipated that issuance of these awards will occur in 2006.


Lynn Wegehaupt reports that the committee reviewed 10 applicants for student scholarships. Eight are UNL students and two are UNO students. Three students were selected to receive scholarship awards of $500 each. Scholarship awardees are Julie Jameson of UNO, Michael Schultes of UNL, and Nicholas Sutko of UNL.


Dave Jundt reports that the Association has provided periodic updates on assistance needed due to results of Hurricane Katrina. The Mentoring Program will likely undergo some slight changes.


A written report was submitted by Matt Morley. Recent activities of the student group, composed jointly as part of NWEA/AWWA, included assistance with the NWEA golf outing, two group meetings with outside speakers describing projects related to the consulting business and U.S. Army corps of Engineers projects, and a tour of a Lincoln wastewater plant. New officers of the Student Section were selected September 13, 2005, the first meeting of the year.


Glenn Dostal reports raffle ticket sales at the 2004 NSAWWA conference raised $1,495 for the organization. Once again, raffle tickets are available and winners will be announced at the banquet. Prizes are $250, $150, and $100 gift certificates.

John Olsson spearheaded the May golf outing that had 90 golfers. It was very successful and well organized. The WFP organization also is holding a raffle as a fundraiser which includes tickets to the 2006 Super Bowl. Raffle ticket cost is $100.

The Section donated a $170 gift package of Omaha Steaks for the 2005 AWWA Conference in San Francisco. This package sold at the conference for $225, purchased by an individual from New York.


Jerry Obrist reports that legislative bills that potentially will affect the water industry were published in Summer 2005 Wise Water Words. The most significant bill is LB 962; negotiations are underway to exclude cities and municipalities from provisions in LB 962.

Other highlights include the April 2005 Fly-in to Washington D.C. to review water issues currently before Congress. Visits were made to the Nebraska delegation to ask for their support on issues of concern.

Jerry currently is working with various committees to identify radio spectrum needs of Critical Infrastructure Industries (CII) such as water, gas, electric, etc. Recent hurricane events have established the importance of internal wireless systems in mission-critical utility communications.


The committee provided several activities this year including tours. Joel Christensen suggested Young Professional mixer at the annual conference be extended to include first-time conference attendees.

Motion made to adjourn; seconded.

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