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Wise Water Words (three issues)

January 18: U.S. Congressional Legislation in 2000

January 19: MTBE in Nebraska

January 26: Health Department to test for MTBE at no charge

January 31: LB 1131 would allow water and sewer districts to extend beyond corporate limits

February 14: Nebraska Health and Human Services' comments to proposed radon rule

March 14: Movie on chromium contamination to be released March 17

April 17: EPA and Capitol Hill Update

May 25: Bacterial outbreak kills four in Ontario

May 26: Land, water air pollution scorecard

August 9: Final Drinking Water Public Notification Rule

October 18: Centers for Disease Control to report on chemical exposure in the U.S.

November 9: Regulatory Update by Jack Daniel, Nebraska Health & Human Services

November 9: Disinfection By-Product Rule by Scott Borman and Elizabeth Esseks, Nebraska Health & Human Services

November 9: Public Notification Rule by Howard Issacs, Nebraska Health & Human Services