Current Job Opportunities

In Nebraska

Wastewater technician

Nebraska Rural Water Association
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Facilities operations coordinator

Lincoln (NE)
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Water and natural gas construction supervisor

Wahoo (NE)
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Outside Nebraska

WTP foreman

Watertown (SD)
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Water/wastewater inspector

Brookings (SD)
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Plant manager

Worthington (MN)
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WTP operator

Selby (SD)
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Send this information to the Offer available only to Nebraska Section AWWA members. At our sole discretion, we may choose to share other job listings that we think may offer unique opportunities for the growth and success of our members.

Please note that job postings may be taken down from this page at our sole discretion, and "open until filled" positions will generally be removed after 6 months. However, job description files may remain on our servers after they have been removed from this page. You are strongly advised to place a clear end date on any job postings you submit to us, as we are not responsible for maintaining them on your behalf.

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