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Drinking Water Week 2021

Governor Ricketts issued a proclamation declaring May 2-8, 2021 as Drinking Water Week in Nebraska. In our state, as well as around the globe, Drinking Water Week provides an opportunity for water professionals and the communities they serve to recognize and celebrate the vital role that water plays in our daily lives.

With the challenges of drought, aging infrastructure, emerging contaminants, and security concerns, it is increasingly important to keep these issues at the forefront of our conversations. But let's take this week to simply reflect on the benefits of safe drinking water and to celebrate those who work tirelessly to ensure its safety and delivery.

Whether for public health protection, fire protection, support for our economy, or the quality of life that we enjoy, safe water provides immeasurable life-saving benefits. Let's drink to that!

[Editor's note: AWWA offers ideas for celebrating Drinking Water Week]

Drinking Water Week proclamation