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Wise Water Words - Volume 52, Issue 1 (Spring 2015)

Thanks from Water for People

The Nebraska Section AWWA received two thank-you letters from Water for People for donations made in 2014. The text of the most recent letter follows:
January 21, 2015


Thank you for your contribution of $2,402.36 to help Water For People end the cycle of water and sanitation poverty for good. In partnership with generous donors like you, Water For People is working with the families, communities, governments, and small businesses of nine developing countries to plan, finance, build, operate, and maintain local water and sanitation services to last well into the future, without repeated infusions of international aid.

Water For People's driving goal of reaching Everyone Forever is gaining momentum, due in large part to the support and enthusiasm of donors like yourself. As you know, Chinda, Honduras and Cuchumuela, Bolivia, now have permanent safe drinking water for 100% of their populations and many other districts are well on their way to the same achievement. Water For People remains committed to full coverage in 30 districts across nine countries by the end of 2018. As our successes gain recognition locally and internationally, Everyone Forever is catalyzing an international movement among organizations working in the water sector and among local political leadership, who are demanding basic services for their people.

Rest assured that you have made a wise investment with your gift. Water For People is in the top 1% of US nonprofits who have earned four-stars for ten consecutive years from Charity Navigator, America's leading evaluator for fiscal responsibility in the nonprofit sector.

Please visit our website, www.waterforpeople.org, for more information about where and how we work. Your support makes this historic journey to end water and sanitation poverty possible!

With sincere thanks,
Edward (Ned) Breslin
Chief Executive Officer