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From the Archives


An ordinance was passed on February 4, 1914, to establish regulations and rates for the Atkinson Waterworks. The rate for water taken through a meter was set at $0.25 per thousand gallons, with a minimum of $1.25 for each three months. Rates wore also established for various businesses that used water that was not metered. Some of these rates for three months were:

Banks $10.00
Baker 5.00
Barbershop - First Chair 8.00
Bathrooms - Public Per Tub 10.00
Bar and Drinking Saloon 50.00
Dwelling House 25.00
Eating Saloons or Cafes 15.00
Hotels 40.00
Moving Picture Theater 15.00
Water Closets, Public, Per Bowl 2.50
Cream Stations 15.00

In 1925, the ordinance was revised to provide that all water use had to be metered. The rates were set at $0.20 per thousand gallons and $3.00 per quarter for use of the meter. In 1981 the rates were revised, with the new quarterly rates being:

Up to 9,000 gallons $11.00
9,000-45,000 gallons $1.30/1,000 gallons
45,000-90,000 gallons $1.20/1,000 gallons
90,000-150,000 gallons $1.10/1,000 gallons
Over 150,000 gallons $1.00/1,000 gallons