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NEWARN Election

Currently there are three (3) seats open for the NEWARN Board of Directors. The NEWARN Mutual Aid Agreement states the following concerning voting for Board of Directors:


The Nebraska WARN shall be governed by a Board of up to 11 persons selected by the participating utilities. One time in a 12 month period, the Board shall send a Board nomination form to all Nebraska WARN participating utilities. Following the submission of nominations, the Board shall send a ballot of Board candidates to all Nebraska WARN participating utilities. Each participating utility shall be entitled to complete one ballot.

The persons receiving the most votes on the returned ballots shall be the Nebraska WARN Board. Board members do not have to be staff or elected officials of a participating utility.

You have until June 1st, 2015 to return this ballot to the NEWARN Board of Directors at:

City of Aurora
Attn: Eric Melcher, NEWARN Chair
905 - 13th Street
Aurora, NE 68818
Or by E-mail at:
2015 Voting Ballot
Nebraska WARN - Board of Directors
You may vote for up to 3 persons:
_____ Tom Menke, City of Chadron
_____ (Vacant) __________________
_____ (Vacant) __________________