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Nominations Report

Report of the Committee

The Nominations Committee presents the nominee roster for the election of Officers to be conducted at the 2018 Annual Meeting of Members in Kearney, Nebraska, in November 2018. If elected, these nominees will fill the terms of November 2018 through November 2019 or November 2020, depending upon the requirements of the office to which they are elected.

This election cycle presents a challenge in that Marc Rosso had a career change. With this change, Marc proposed to the Committee to not be nominated as Secretary. In considering which Trustee would move to fill the Secretary position, Trustees Jack Satur and Gary Thurlow were contacted. Neither were interested to fill this position.

The committee then contacted Craig Reinsch, who agreed to be nominated for the Secretary position. If Craig is elected as Secretary, we propose (per Section 10.3.2 of the Nebraska Section By-Laws) that the Board appoint Marc Rosso to fulfill Craig's term as Trustee (term ending November 2019).

In considering the nominations for Trustee, the Committee contacted Jack Satur, who elected not to be nominated for election to a 2nd term; therefore, his term will end November 2018. Trustee Gary Thurlow will complete a 2nd term and he prefers not to be elected to the Board; therefore, his term will end November 2018.

Respectfully submitted,
Chad Roberts, Nebraska Section Past Chair and Ex-Officio Nominations Committee Chair

Nominations for 2018/2019 Requiring Election:

Office Nominee Category Term Through
Chair-Elect Brittany Travers Manufacturers' Rep November 2019
Vice Chair Mary Poe Regulator November 2019
Secretary Craig Reinsch Engineer November 2020
Director Teresa Konda Engineer November 2021
Trustee Mike Koenig Large Utility November 2020
Trustee Ryan Hurst Small Utility November 2020
Trustee Brian Gongol Manufacturers' Rep November 2020

Automatic Nominations for 2018/2019, Not Subject to Election:

Office Nominee Category Term Through
Chair Milo Rust Small Utility November 2019
Treasurer John Keith Large Utility November 2019
Past Chair Eric Melcher Small Utility November 2019
Trustee [open] November 2019