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2021 Section Retreat Coming June 30th

The Nebraska Section - American Water Works Association is hosting a member retreat on June 30, 2021 at the Boy Scouts of America Cornhusker Council center in Walton, Nebraska. The final agenda for the meeting and the meeting time are pending. All members of the Association are invited to attend.

So, what is a retreat and what do we do at this event, you might ask? Periodically, the Board of Directors hosts a retreat to achieve several results. First, it is a time to build relationships among board and association members. We do not see each other every day, so it is important to connect and get to know each other outside board meetings and work activities. Secondly, we talk about the strategic plan elements that the board wants to implement and assign activities to do this. We also hear from our financial advisor on the financial market conditions and make decisions on how best to invest the Nebraska Section's financial resources while safeguarding those investments from significant loss. It is time well-spent collaborating on section activities and the direction we want to go.

Mostly, it is the committee chairs and board members who attend. All members of the association in good standing are welcome to attend. Usually, we have not seen the general membership attend and wondered if they all feel welcome. Of course, you are! It would be a great opportunity to learn more about what we do for our members and what you can do to engage as an active member.

This year, we are planning two presentations. We will hear from Chair-Elect Craig Reinsch on what the future of our conferences and events looks like. With Covid-19 affecting our operations, we had to pivot to conducting virtual events this past year. While not preferable, these virtual events were successful as we adapted to the cards we were dealt. Craig's group will be talking about how to weigh future in-person conferences versus virtual events.

Secretary Ryan Hurst is investigating how our training will look in the coming years. Like conferences, Covid-19 affected training events. In some cases, they were cancelled, and others were made virtual. As the year moved on, some operators felt more comfortable meeting in-person, so those resumed. He will be talking about what is best for our operators' needs and we will hear about what our operators want.

We will have another important activity: lunch! So we can get a number for lunch, let Marc Rosso know if you would like to attend. He can be reached at 531-207-3244 or mrosso@lincoln.ne.gov. We hope to see you there.